About The Author


Dr. Sin Mong Wong was born during the Japanese Occupation. After facing all the hardships during early childhood, he learned the lessons on being thrifty and always saving his income for rainy days. He did well during secondary education in Penang and went on to become a professional teacher. During his school days, he was the star basketball player for the school, college, university, state, and his country. The journey was long as he spent almost three decades to equip himself with all the knowledge required to be a successful teacher. Being a dedicated and responsible teacher, he managed to climb the ladder of success from teacher to deputy principal and, finally, principal. His contributions to La Salle High School are greatly appreciated. During his tenure as administrator, the school went into big expansions and renovations. Many projects, both physical and academic, were successfully implemented to uplift the status of the school. On the personal level, he was able to contribute in terms of curriculum materials and textbooks to enhance mathematics learning. His working life as a teacher lasted only twenty-three years, and during this period, he had written more than twenty textbooks and guide books using the concept of humanizing the teaching of mathematics. All these contributions bring great rewards in terms of wealth and enjoyment. With the financial security, he took his optional retirement at the age of fifty-one to further his study. Within three years, he was awarded a PhD in mathematics curriculum development. He continues to write materials for mathematics curriculum innovations. He is also a good investor and a business initiator. All these undertakings have provided his family financial security. He never neglects his health. At the age of 75, he is still in super good health, playing tennis regularly and enjoying his life. He is learning, writing, investing, and getting involved in new experiences like quantum jumping. He is determined the make the rest of his life the best of life.